About us

Director of Finance has a long history of excellence in the world of finance and business. The magazine, which came out first in 1998, covers everything you need to know about the headline issues affecting corporate finance and related issues in today’s competitive markets, both online and in print. The most up-to-date issues faced by major corporations and emerging companies, in the UK and around the world, are put under the microscope by the best financial experts.

Publications UK

Founded in 1996, Publications UK is a full service agency, specialising in the creation and delivery of high-quality content across a range of platforms, including print, digital and events. It is our mission to foster key connections between clients and high-value audience groups. Our sound understanding of what a niche audience needs allows us to determine quickly what content will reach them effectively.For further information email info@publicationsuk.co.uk or call +44 (0) 208 238 5000.