Work perks 2023: good food, a cinema and a place to charge the  EV

EV being charged in car park

Employers can attract younger recruits by installing Electric Vehicle charging at their workplaces, according to a company with growing prominence in that area.

A YouGov survey for CTEK discovered that workplace charging is the most often used charging option for drivers aged from 18-24.

The survey was an annual exercise by the polling giant. It found that demand for workplace charging continues to grow across five European countries studied. A quarter of respondents said they would prefer to charge at work. That figure was a steep rise from 14% in 2022 and 12% in 2021.

It was one of a number of recent studies into the extras employees are looking for these days when making decisions on which jobs to go for.

As companies continue to call staff back to the office, another study by the office search agency, Sketch Labs, revealed a range of office perks on the basis that searches for the term had exceeded the previous three years – rising by 87.5% this year alone.

We’ve also seen a rise in more people looking for more inviting environments with items like living plant walls

It revealed that office food, a bar and a cinema had grown in importance alongside swimming pools and the availability of a doctor.

CEO Mark Knops, said: “Companies are coming up with unusual requests to try to entice workers to want to spend longer in the office. Some of the most unusual office requests include Jacuzzis, game rooms, treadmill desks, swimming pools, cinema rooms and even bullet-proof glass.

“We’ve also seen a rise in more people looking for more inviting environments with items like living plant walls.”

Cecilia Routledge, CTEK’s Global Director Energy and Facilities, described staff aged 18 to 34 as a key pool of talent which has attractions for many employers.

“Having the ability to charge their EVs at work is going to be particularly attractive to today’s and tomorrow’s younger EV drivers who as a demographic are less likely to have access to a home charger because of where they live, such as in an apartment block or other rental property.

“Our YouGov survey found that almost twice as many 18-to-24-year-olds who have already switched to an EV would prefer to charge at home than usually do so, suggesting that gap in home charging availability.”

Whatever the preferences, ironically, a study from Canada Life found that more than a third of the UK workforce – equivalent to 10.8 million – have been swayed to accept a job because of a competitive benefit, perk or company policy.

And when asked which benefits were most used, or benefitted from, in their current job, the top responses were flexible or hybrid working.

That accounted for 41% followed by an attractive annual leave policy (36%) and a learning allowance (21%).


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