International trade – what does the future hold?

International business has proved it can weather the storm. The combined effects of economic downturns, international conflict and even the unprecedented pressure of a pandemic couldn’t dampen global trade.

But it has left a legacy that is seeing cross-border trade and business payments shifting constantly and in real time.

Latest figures suggest the Covid downturn of 2020 was brief, with a swift recovery the following year building into impressive growth. In fact, traded goods and services such as commodities and freight transport saw higher inflation than the wider economy.

Building on that momentum, and given that Services Trade is set to grow nearly twice as fast as Goods Trade on the back of advances in automation, this is another sector forecast to grow year-on-year as we head towards 2028.

All of this in a decade set to be driven by increased digitisation, something that will undoubtedly mark out those economies with the advanced infrastructures to meet it.

All these insights feature in Convera’s Future of Trade and B2B Payments report which takes a wide-ranging look at how global business will evolve in the face of shifting geopolitical, economic and environmental realities.

It also examines disparities in Goods Trade between European, Asian and North American economies and the rapid growth in the value of global raw materials trade.

Additionally, it answers key questions, such as:

  • How cross-border B2B services will accelerate post-pandemic growth
  • How government policies will re-shape commerce
  • How low-carbon transition will transform goods trade patterns

The report represents a vital guide to finding opportunities amid volatility. Download a copy here