If you can make one of these, you’ll be in demand

frizzy hair style wig

Wig makers, canine beauticians and vent chick sexers all qualify for sponsorship under the Government’s Appendix Skilled Worker job list.

They are among 143 new jobs employers can fill through sponsorship after the government updated its list of those that qualify for preferential treatment under the points-based immigration system. Others include knitters, slaughtermen and microwave engineers.

Employers now have the potential to hire overseas talent for these roles if UK workers, with the required skills, are difficult to come by.

JHonathan Beech headshot

Beech: hidden occupations

The figures show the sheer range and scale of the UK’s hidden job shortages, according to the immigration law specialists Migrate UK.

“Most of the British public and even some of the wider business community outside their own sectors are unaware of the extreme range and scale of the lack of talent in the UK,” Jonathan Beech, Managing Director, said.

“While of course, roles such as nurses and care workers are already known for their persistent shortages, there’s a whole ‘hidden’ range of occupations where businesses are in dire need of extra workers to just stay in business, or cope with demand.

“For any employer struggling to recruit, I’d recommend checking if the required job roles are on the extensive list if they haven’t already, as they could potentially benefit from a pool of worldwide talent. “