Law student may just have reinvented the business card

Lee Ling outside her university

A student start-up is helping bin the paper business card, with a physical e-card that shares details when tapped on a phone.

Lee Ling Chu, 21, came up with the idea while interning at a law firm during her law degree at the University of Bristol.

Seeing paper business cards change hands and wanting to keep in touch with colleagues and contacts, she decided there must be a better way.

Her business, PRIOT, creates reusable business e-cards. Users simply tap their card on a phone and all their contact and business details are transferred over, including a digital copy of the card which is stored in their Apple or Google Wallet.

Lee Ling who has received funding from the University of Bristol, said: “Our goal is to give our customers the best possible first impression. Our cards can be personalised to the individuals or businesses’ goals, and customers can track the reach of their card, allowing us to continue tailoring it to get the best results.

Being a student and running a business can be difficult, but it’s definitely possible to balance the two

“Networking can be hard work, this is an affordable way to make it a whole lot easier.”

Estimates vary for how many paper business cards are printed each day, but it is thought to be in the millions.

Lee Ling is originally from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. After graduating from Bristol she plans to continue building her business while training for the Bar at The Inns of Court College of Advocacy in London.

She said: “Being a student and running a business can be difficult, but it’s definitely possible to balance the two. It’s not easy but it’s very fulfilling.”

Katie Martin, Student Enterprise Manager at the University of Bristol, said: “Lee Ling has shown great aptitude and creativity to build her business while studying for a busy law degree.

“PRIOT has the potential to make business more efficient and more sustainable. On a personal level, I can’t wait to be rid of pocketfuls of business cards after events!”

University of Bristol