Accelerator winners: the full list

Amazon Accelerator supports companies developing new recycling technologies and creating products with reduced impact on the environment. This is a sample of the latest round:

Recycling Technologies
  • Descycle (UK) – a metal processing technology company developing novel and low-impact solutions using revolutionary chemistry
  • Induo (FR) – a textile recycling technology company turning used textiles into brand new apparel
  • Matoha (UK) – material identification devices that help with efficient waste sorting
  • Polyperception (BE) – a platform providing real-time, end-to-end waste flow monitoring to plastics and material recovery facilities
  • Sorted (UK) – AI-powered solutions to help waste management companies sort their recyclable materials
  • Terrawaste (NL) – a chemical recycling technology turning non-recyclable dry, wet and mixed plastic waste into valuable, carbon-negative materials
Consumer Products
  • Bo (UK) – an urban e-scooter company with world-first riding technology, building efficient commuter vehicles
  • FUNQ (ES) – a syrup-based soft drink which allows anyone to turn tap water into a delicious beverage, reducing the need to ship water
  • Infinite Athletica (ES) – a circular sportswear company turning sport waste into garments for the same sport
  • Nimbi (UK)– a compostable razor using revolutionary biomaterials
  • Milky Plant (UK) – a device that allows people to create their own plant-based milk from home. reducing the need to ship cartons
  • Open Funk (DE) – a sustainable, high-performance, compact kitchen mixer for glass jars
  • Papair (DE) – recycled paper bubble wrap providing a sustainable packaging alternative to conventional bubble wrap
  • Seep (UK) – plastic-free sponges, cloths and other household essentials
  • Tangle (UK) – sustainable dog products such as collars, leashes and toys made from upcycled ghost fishing nets
  • We Do Solar (DE) – a smart solar set that can be installed in balconies