Freelance accountants watch the numbers grow

Just when we thought chatbots were about to take all the creative jobs, the biggest demand for freelance roles appears to come from those who want to write. Researchers found that the terms “freelancer writer”, “freelance copywriter” and “freelance graphic designer” were the ones people searched for most.

But more intriguingly, sandwiched between those and the likes of web developers, search engine optimisers and web developers were accountants.

This suggests, according to those behind the research that the inclusion of a more traditional profession bucks the trend of what tends to be considered one of the most stable 9-5 careers.

The analysis by insurer Hiscox, looked at popular freelancing search terms over the past four years to understand how the UK’s behaviour has altered.

One freelance jobs platform reportied a 63 per cent increase in registrations between 2019 and 2020

Online search interest in social media freelancing terms has increased dramatically since 2018, with the term “freelance social media manager” earning its spot in the top 10 of the most searched-for freelance roles. Writing related search terms are very popular with writer, copywriter and content writer all making the top 10.

Freelancing is becoming more of a desirable career option, with freelance jobs platform PeoplePerHour reporting a 63 per cent increase in registrations between 2019 and 2020. According to the Office for National Statistics, there were almost 4.3 million self-employed jobs in the UK as of December 2022.

Whilst many people choose to freelance full time, many do so as a “side hustle”, these second jobs contribute more than £72 billion to the economy, that’s 3.6 per cent of GDP. Although, self-employment can be lucrative, there are downsides to going it alone. Freelancers take ultimate responsibility for their taxes, the quality of their work, and do not have the same employment rights as their employed counterparts.

A spokesman for Hiscox UK drew attention to the often-overlooked administrative side of freelancing saying: “The self-employed market is a vital part of the UK economy and brings with it the opportunity for a more flexible working lifestyle.

“What’s clear from these results is that more careers are ‘freelance viable’, but freelancers new to the self-employment workforce should take care to protect themselves against unexpected risks like client complaints, accidents or a legal issue.” 

More details on the Hiscox business blog.

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