Ten ways to make flexible working a success

By Claire Ross, Head of Culture and Engagement

With the UK beginning the journey along the roadmap out of lockdown, organisations are keen to understand what steps they need to take to make 2021 a success. There is a renewed sense of optimism for organisations who are looking ahead at crafting the future working culture of the workforce.

This is an exciting time for organisations who after 12 months in “survival mode” are looking to embrace the new normal. The prevailing trend for businesses is not the question of how do we go back to the old way of working, rather, leaders are now asking how do we take the lessons of the past year and break out of the mould of the traditional 9-5 office model.

For businesses and their people this forms part of the greater question of what actual form the new normal will take and what implications it will have for them in a post pandemic world.  

What should this new culture look like? The answers can be found here