Can software really replace accountants? You’ll be surprised

© macrovector / 123RF Stock Photo

Change within organisations and industries can happen quickly and unexpectedly. The pandemic has highlighted that we never know what is around the corner – there are all sorts of things we do today that we didn’t do just 12 months ago.

And even without such big jolts to the system, technological advances happen all the time, and you’ll have seen many changes over the years to how finance teams operate.

As with many back-office functions, finance teams are becoming more streamlined, and a lot of what used to be laborious work can now be done by pressing a button. But despite this technological progress, finance teams still need people, and keeping your skills up-to-date is a good way to make sure you remain a vital part of the team.

Ensuring you are well versed on all the new technology and software that you use is also important.

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