How edocuments are helping construction

Guest post by Ashley Buckland. Managing Director, JB Associates

A leading and innovative construction consultancy based in the South of England, has announced the launch of its mobile friendly interactive documentation for critical infrastructure risk mitigation.

Whilst the construction industry adapts to new ways of working, JB Associates was been quick to recognise the increased need for remote access to facility documentation.

Similarly, while social distancing rules continue to dominate many workspaces, it is essential that building manuals can be accessed by multiple users at any one time.

Now the construction consultancy has announced that its ‘JB eDocuments’ are completely mobile friendly and compatible across all mobile and  tablet devices.

The product is dedicated to ensuring facility management and risk mitigation can be done remotely through digitised Building and O&M Manuals and Handover Documentation. With integrated HAZOP and Cause and Effect information, users are able to begin solving issues even if they are off-site and working from home.

The benefits of the new JB eDocuments include:

Total Accessibility

Traditional O&M’s and Handover Documents are often left under-utilised and collecting dust on-site. The JB eDocs can be accessed anytime, anywhere, by an entire team simultaneously.

No Security Risk

Interactive manuals can be made secure in many more ways than a traditional printed document. JB eDocs can include password protection, server-only access and all documentation complies with ISO Standards.

Regular Updates

Following building safety legislation, O&M Manuals must be regularly updated. Updating digital documentation is far less time-consuming and eradicates the confusion of various obsolete folders on-site.

Whilst further investing in and developing their ‘JB eDocs’, the team at the construction consultancy has established a goal to eventually replace all traditional, printed O&M Manuals completely in a bid to become more sustainable. The multi-user remote access of their digital alternative eradicates the need to spend time and money printing handover documentation and means the company is able to take significant steps towards a more eco-efficient business.

It is estimated that, based on the 40 client manuals created and digitised as JB eDocs in 2020, over 20 large trees will have been saved in the last 12 months and an estimated 100 trees will be saved over the next five years.

The JB eDocs are becoming essential for critical infrastructure environments and we believe they are the future in sustainable facility management.

With real-time search facilities, custom bookmarking, interactive plans and intelligent linking, they are both efficient and adaptable. Our interactive manuals can be created from existing information or developed from scratch and are designed to be accessed from wherever, whenever you need.

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