Saving money on motor trade insurance

Guest post by Jonny Hughes

Running a business can certainly be expensive with many regular outgoings, especially if there are vehicles involved.

Car dealerships, mechanics, MOT garages and any other motor trade businesses will have many important costs to cover, so it is no surprise that they are always looking out for ways that they can reduce their costs without negatively impacting their work.

The Importance of Cost Saving

Cost-saving is crucial to the success of any business as this is how you improve your bottom line. When you have more money left over, it can then be reinvested back into the company for growth and continued success. When it comes to those in the motor trade business, there are a handful of costs that are worth assessing to try and find ways to lower costs but one key area is motor trade insurance.

Motor Trade Insurance

Every motor trade business will require this type of insurance so that employees can legally work and drive the automobiles to protect against accidental damage, breakdowns etc. This is a legal requirement but it will also provide important financial protection if anything were to happen to the cars. So, how can you go about saving on motor trade insurance?


One of the first things to do is to think about the number of drivers on your policy and their own individual driving histories. If you are able to reduce the number of drivers and avoid cover for young employees and/or those with negative driving histories, it could make a big difference to your premium. It is also worth volunteering for higher excess, especially if you have not made many claims in the past.

Upgrade Security

Theft and criminal damage is another important area to consider not only from an insurance standpoint but for the success of your company. Upgrading the security at your facility could make a big difference to the amount that you pay as well as provide important protection, so things like CCTV, security floodlighting, intruder alarms and storing cars in a gated premises are all worthwhile.

Shop Around

As when arranging private car insurance, extended warranties or any other type of cover, it is always worth researching and shopping around. You can usually get the best deals and flexibility when you arrange cover through a specialist, such as ALA. As a major business cost, this is always worth doing and could make a big difference.

Those in the motor trade will always want to make savings without negatively affecting their business and motor trade insurance is a good way to do this with these tips.