Infographic: Why cyber security training is crucial

The greatest threat to your business cyber security is, contrary to what you would expect, internal. We are not talking about spies or infiltrated competitor agents. The real threat you should consider is your trusted employees. They are often just a few careless mouse clicks away from costing your business a fortune, without having any malicious intent in the first place. Employees can do harm to your business by visiting infected websites, responding to phishing emails, using business email through public Wi-Fi on an unencrypted connection, or something as simple as having one password for access to all business assets and personal accounts. Neglecting cyber security can cost companies tens of thousands of dollars, hours of downtime and loss of customers. The most alarming fact is, that cyber attacks happen every day more than 4000 times, and can strike the same company several times per year.

Such attacks are often financially motivated, a great example of it is ransomware. Attacks can also be more directed toward obtaining specific data. Confidential business information that is at stake would be your company finances, customer and employee personal data, highly valuable intellectual property which is more often than not, also the most vulnerable asset to cybercriminals.

Preventing cyber attacks is a sound investment considering the high risk and costs involved in recovery from damages. EveryCloud Spam Filtering has compiled this infographic Why Cybersecurity Training is Crucial for your Business to help companies get a better insight into how cyber attacks can harm their business and what they can do about it. The guide explains the main targets of cybercriminals, the role employees play in cybersecurity and the benefits of Cybersecurity Awareness Training. By regularly training your employees, your company will benefit from a security-first awareness that emphasizes on prevention, detection, reporting and learning from mistakes.

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