Collaboration now key to business success

Businesses have come a long way in just ten years. Back then the norm would be an office with computers on desks and a phone system (all in a big loud server room manned by an IT Team). Today there are a plethora of businesses where everyone works from their homes, all applications are managed by someone else and all phone systems are hosted. People are Skyping, chatting and using online collaboration tools to share their files and data, track projects, invoices and submit expenses.

Back then, there was no question that if you wanted to work with data, you needed an on-premise server. Now, the jury’s out. You can have on-premise and that’s absolutely fine. But you can also move to cloud computing and get rid of the on-site server for ever. So, what’s best for you?

Well you need to start by thinking about you, it’s all about you! Don’t look for a software that might work, focus on your mission critical goals which will lead you to success. By asking these questions it will help determine where your real priorities lie.

Then have a poke around the concept of where it’s hurting at the moment, what pinch points are affecting your business, stopping you from taking that next step of efficiency, expansion or technical development. This could be struggling with getting access to the data whenever and wherever you need it, being held back with a systems inflexibility, or maybe it’s just the fact that your data isn’t even accurate and reliable…

Questions also need to be asked around who is it for? Systems these days aren’t just for finance, to really harness efficiency in the workplace; devolved access for multiple departments can improve business performance and accuracy across the board.

To find out a bit more information about what questions should always be asked when sourcing a new financial software supplier, the guys over at bluQube have put together a great five step piece to getting it right. Comprehensive, educational and engaging – it should answer all of your questions!

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