Why is remote working viewed negatively by some managers?

Remote working

Businesses need to break from the orthodox office and normal working day and embrace the cloud.

Cloud computing is changing the way we work. Thanks to ever evolving technologies, working from home is suddenly a real and justified option, especially when you consider the rising costs of travel and childcare.

However, despite the benefits of the technology, there is still a stigma surrounding mobile working in many businesses attached to virtual working. It is my belief that negative attitudes like these could in fact be holding UK businesses back by discouraging them to evolve and align with the times. What is needed here is a change of working culture in terms of what is acceptable, right throughout our nation.

We recently conducted a survey on remote working where we found that a third of employees are worried that their boss will see them in a bad light if they ask to work remotely. In an age where technology allows each of us to be in constant touch with each other, this statistic surprises me. Just as surprising is the fact that a quarter of UK bosses admitted that their organisation viewed employees who ask to work from home negatively.

However, nearly 40 per cent of bosses in our survey said that mobile working had a positive impact on their bottom line. Also, nearly a third (33%) of employees felt they actually do more work at home than in the office with a further 49 per cent saying that they would achieve a greater work/life balance if they were allowed to work from the comfort of their own home.

Considering these results, one wonders why there is still lingering negativity in the UK work place towards mobile working?

What is needed here is a break from the traditions of the normal working day and the confines of the orthodox office space and we can achieve this through the introduction of mobile working. Nowadays, there is a huge number of cloud-based products and services out there, some to throw you into the deep end and some to ease you in slowly.

I believe the secret to the success of mobile working is trust and this is something that we discuss in our survey. Our results revealed that a huge 77 per cent of bosses said that they would trust their employees when it comes to out of office working. The fact that there is a strong degree of trust between employers and their workforce shows the great potential that exists for the growth of mobile working in the UK.

Managers who are still nervous about introducing remote working should first educate themselves on the concept and get to grips with the technologies available. This will allow them to fast discover the real business advantages they are missing out on and switch to options that are more productive for their company.  

It is unrealistic to think that every company would be suited to a 100 per cent remote working model. However, there are some distinct advantages to working via the cloud, which every UK company can embrace to some degree. As an advocate of cloud computing, I am a firm believer that the technology can be used by all businesses in some shape or form to help them move forward, especially at a time when the UK is coming out of a period of unprecedented economic change.

Even if you don’t completely turn to mobile working, you can easily draw on elements of it to improve the flexibility, and happiness of your current staff.

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