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Virgin Money not necessarily a better bank

If we don’t want banks running private-equity operations, why do we want private equity operations running banks? In the eagerness to come up with a new banking model for the post-crash era, we mustn’t simply welcome any alternative.

Rising property values could bail out the banks

Commercial property values are rising again and no-one should be more pleased than the owners of Britain’s banks – ie, us. Balance sheet write-offs could soon be replaced by write-backs.

It’s not the OFT’s job to set bank charges

The supreme court’s ruling on bank charges is a rare piece of good news for the banking sector and a rare piece of common sense imposed on regulators. It is not the Office of Fair Trading’s role to set prices.

Why reveal RBS, HBOS secret at all?

Nevermind that the Bank of England kept secret for a year its massive loan to HBoS and RBS (LON:RBS), why on earth did it choose to break its silence on the day Lloyds Banking Group (LON:LLOY) announces its record rights issue?

RBS, Lloyds Banking deliberately running down balance sheets

How do you force banks to lend when their best customers don’t want to borrow? Make them lend to their worst customers?

Tesco the way to widen competition?

It’s a funny old world where Tesco (LON:TSCO) is the answer to a monopolies problem.

Who will back the new banks?

The government’s promise of three new banks looks attractive for an industry that has retreated to a Big Four offering little competition. But one of the three newcomers isn’t new and the other two are tiddlers.

Osborne bonus call backfires

It’s taken a long time to get a policy statement from shadow chancellor George Osborne, but now it has come, his call for curbs on bankers’ bonuses risks generating sympathy for the villains.

When is a bank small enough to fail?

If banks shouldn’t be “too big to fail” how small must they be before we allow them to collapse? It’s the question the Bank of England’s governor must answer.

The windfall banks tax is gaining support

“Is it time for a new windfall tax on banks?” asked this blog back in the summer. It seems so. The Westminster press briefing is that the chancellor is considering a banks tax in his pre-budget statement.